Tomb Of Finland began the digging of graves in the fall of 2009. The first album ”Below the green” was written in slowly killing solitude without agony of fellow gravediggers. 

Jasse contacted his previous band member A.Karihtala (CHARON,WOLFHEART,KYPCK). For the vocals Antti suggested to ask Ville (SEITH, DAWN OF RELIC, CRYPTID) to join our woe. First three coffins were now full and ready to rot.

New period of shovels, soil and darkness was at hand. The project needed more flesh for the lines of the undead. Mikko Hannuksela (CARTILAGE,VOMITURITION,ENOCHIAN CRESCENT,GHOSTGUARD) joined the ranks after dark and cold period of slow rotting. -H- joined as bass player and Olli (KAUNIS KUOLEMATON) as new vocalist. New line-up was built in our silent tombs for future earthly liveperformances.

Frozen soil was digged and the cemetery gate was opened again. One special corpse A.Karihtala exhumed and returned to living. He left the band physically, but will stay with us spiritually in future. New life was written also into -H-’s in memoriam.

Fresh and aggressive corpse Janne Manninen (AND OCEANS,MYGRAIN,MAGENTA HARVEST) joined our casket ride and replaced A.Karihtala on drums. In the fall of 2014 debut album ”Below the green” was mastered in Unisound studios by Dan Swanö.

After decaying in silence, Janne M. urged to return to living. His memory is well reserved in the ranks of darkness. He was replaced by more sinister fellow from nearby cascets Janne Lukki, and Ville Kangasharju took over to strangle the living with lower strings of daemonic forces and present line-up was formed.

In the heart of winter 2015 Tomb of Finland signed a deal with Mighty Music and started the progress of creating new material. The catacombs echoed with haunting screams and sorrowfull moaning in the fall of 2017. The second album ”Frozen Beneath” was born with the birthmark of five cascets late 2018 with sinister craftmanship of mr. Hiili Hiilesmaa. …Through diseases and silence of the graves, tomb of Finland made unholy pact with uprising records to release Across the Barren Fields for the celebration of decade of rotting as tomb of finland

Line-up :

Jasse Von Hast – Guitars
Mikko Hannuksela – Guitars
Olli Suvanto – Vocals
Janne Lukki – Drums
Ville Kangasharju – Bass